Helen Edwards

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I am an ex-counsellor and charity founder, turned award winning writer, blogger, podcaster & speaker, and an online pioneer, founding an online counseling service in 2001. A passionate and genuine lover of people and planet, I am here to help you feel good about yourself, your home and your everyday, while we talk all things health, happiness & sustainability. Get inspired to think before you buy, reduce your waste and lighten your footprint on the planet, while you create a happy healthy home and life you can love! I am the very lucky Mama of 3 beautiful boys, a tree hugger, and a passionate and genuine lover of people and planet.

I am one of Australia's top bloggers as part of Bloggerati by Nuffnang and was selected as a Kidspot Voices of 2015 finalist for my blogging, an Australian of the Year state finalist in 2016 for my work, and a Telstra Business Women's Award state finalist in 2015. I am passionate about living a life that leaves this beautiful planet in a state that allows future generations and other creatures we share the world with, to live long and well. I love creating, designing, homes and interiors. I am also passionate about your health and wellbeing and believe these things can not be separated. Recycled Interiors is your go-to resource for being sustainable, healthy and happy at home. I look forward to connecting and finding out how we can work together to make a difference.