Hélène Tragos Stelian

Certified Life Coach, Speaker, Author

Hélène Tragos Stelian is a life coach, blogger, speaker, and mom to twin girls. Hélène was raised in Paris and Connecticut and received her BA from Duke University and her MBA from Washington University in St. Louis. She worked in retail and brand management for Fortune 500 companies over the course of a decade before becoming a writer, enabling her to stay at home after the birth of her twin daughters, Bianca and Indigo. Hélène authored her first book, Getting Ready for Baby: The Practical Parent’s Organizer, in 2001 and self-published a completely revised edition in 2014. As a result of her work mentoring under-resourced Chicago teens through the college admissions process, Hélène published her second book, Finding the Right Colleges for You: 7 Steps to Researching & Evaluating Schools that Match Your Needs, in 2015. And with her daughters soon preparing to leave for college, Hélène realized the need for a comprehensive guide to this transition and published her latest book Moving to College: What to Do, What to Learn, What to Pack, in 2016. Once her twins entered high school, Hélène began wondering what her next act might be. In speaking with other women in midlife who were pursuing lifelong dreams, she realized their stories needed to be told. On her website, Next Act for Women, Hélène shares inspiring stories of women who have reinvented themselves in midlife and beyond, and provides resources for those on similar journeys. Seeing the need to help people find purpose, at any age, Hélène became certified as a life coach. She helps those who feel stuck or lost take bold steps into a life of meaning and happiness. On her new site, Hélène T. Stelian Coaching, she shares more inspiring stories of people who have found their life's calling—and are living it. She also writes for other sites, such as Huffington Post, about purpose, midlife, women, parenting, and college. Connect with Hélène on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.