Jaime-Lee Fraser

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Before Jaime-Lee created her multi-million dollar empire and began her movement to empower entrepreneurs by fuelling their personal & business performance towards meaningful results, she had her share of adversity to overcome. After losing her Dad at 18 and dealing with his financial woes, to believing she had found her ultimate career by helping others when it came to money management & legacy protection - her life turned upside again when she took her first holiday break. Trapped inside a bombed burning building she miraculously survived to feeling fearful and struggling to create peace & power within - today she is proof of what's possible when life feels incomprehensible. A mum of two, an award winning entrepreneur, motivational speaker, media contributor and performance coach - you can find her online or as she travels across the globe and helps thousands of business leaders to uplift humanity and create a meaningful life of more freedom, fun and peace. You can find her on all social platforms @jaimeleefraser