Linda Hayles

Relationship & Dating Coach

As Founder of Linda Hayles Coaching and the #dontbebasic movement, Linda is driven by a singular vision: to help women understand the patterns of behavior that keep them in bad relationships (make them basic) and to quickly notice the behavior of others who are toxic, (abusive/controlling) so they can steer away from them quickly. Linda Hayles has a degree in Psychology and Human Behavior. Her background brings a level of education and expertise that other coaches just don’t have and it’s unparalleled in the relationship and dating coaching industry. Successful women come to Linda when they want to figure out why they’re amazing in every other area of their life except their love life. Linda shows her clients how their own behaviors are keeping them stuck in the cycle of finding the wrong men over and over again, keeping them single and being taken advantage of. Linda knows that it takes more than reading a book or listening to a sermon to become a woman of high value. She provides her clients a deep understanding of human behavior so they leave with a blueprint of “cause and effect”. Linda loves empowering women to find and attract the love they want. Her matter of fact way is direct and to the point. Her unique perspective is highly effective. Most clients say that just one conversation with Linda, has brought about immediate behavior change. As a dating consultant she works with every client to spotlight their negative dating patters and behaviors so they can develop the skills necessary to build lasting, loving relationships, stop "being basic" and avoid toxic, dead-end ones.