Dr.Herron Keyon Gaston

Pastor, Author, Social Critic, Public Intellectual & Ivy League University Administrator

The Rev. Dr. Herron Keyon Gaston is a prominent and prolific democratic intellectual and civil rights activist. Dr. Gaston is the Associate Director of Admissions & Recruitment at Yale University Divinity School. Dr. Gaston is also the Pastor of Summerfield United Methodist Church in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Dr. Gaston is a former lobbyist and legislative analyst. Currently, Dr. Gaston is the Acting President of the Civil Service Commission in the City of Bridgeport. Dr. Gaston also serves as police chaplain for the Bridgeport Police Department. Dr. Gaston has served in the Governor's Office in Florida as a Gubernatorial Fellow. Dr. Gaston has also worked for several high-powered politicians at the local, state, and national level, including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bill Nelson, Fredricka Wilson, Al Lawson, Charlie Crist, and John Lewis. Dr. Gaston was mentored by the late Julian Bond and inspired by the social activism of former NAACP President Ben Jealous.Dr. Gaston is interested in the intersection of law, religion, and ethics. Dr. Gaston holds degrees in political science, public administration, public policy, and divinity. Dr. Gaston is the founder and director of the Gaston Justice Coalition Group, LLC a faith-based, non-profit organization comprised of pastors, ministers, churches, educators, and community leaders whose mission is to address critical issues and reduce violence and incarceration, particularly in inner-cities. Dr. Cornel West of Harvard University recently described Dr. Gaston as an exemplary educator and spiritual leader. He is one of the most inspiring and insightful figures of his generation. His journey informs his dynamic personality, and his life lessons should empower all of us.