Heather Gillis-Harris

Reporter, Columnist, Writer, Blogger

Heather Gillis-Harris is an award winning reporter, writer and columnist. Her three-time winning column, "A League of Her Own" speaks to universal truths of human struggle, perseverance, strength and the ability to overcome. Gillis-Harris strives to offer guidance through her column, mostly through sports-related anecdotes or stories featuring her two children and their interactions with others. Gillis-Harris has been described as a writer who is able to recognize and highlight "life truths". Her work is often described as, raw, honest and real, similar to "receiving a letter from friend". She is currently working on her first book, "Beauty in the Broken" chronicling her ability to survive an abusive childhood and how she has turned her adversity into a gift to help validate others who have struggled or are currently struggling. Gillis-Harris offers a unique voice, often providing a light for those stuck in the darkness. As a Huffington Blogger, Gillis-Harris often explores the trials of dating as a single parent, and the everyday realities that draw us towards one another, reminding us that we are "all in this together". Gillis-Harris lives outside of Boston with her two children and English Bulldog, Lyla.