Hiko Mitsuzuka

Entertainment journalist, travel writer, and pop culture junkie.

Hiko is a self-proclaimed pop culture connoisseur who resides in L.A. and obsesses over songs months before everyone else does. He has worked in TV and commercial production ever since he left his native New York in the early 00s. Hiko has worked at the world-renowned Anonymous Content and freelanced as a treatment writer for award-winning directors, a contributing writer for 'Instinct,' and the Executive Editor of (2007-16). He can currently be seen in the roles of Manager of Creative Planning at Stun Creative (PromaxBDA's Agency of the Year, 2013, 2014, 2017), film critic for, and entertainment and travel journalist for 'Bello.' His hobbies include quoting sitcom dialogue and stalking people on Instagram. His vices include chocolate chip cookies and movie theater popcorn. Tweet him @TheFirstEcho.