Luke Ho-Hyung Lee

CEO of Ubiquitous Marketplace System (Ubims)

Luke Ho-Hyung Lee is by training a lawyer, an international businessman and entrepreneur – and an inventor. He is currently the CEO of Ubiquitous Marketplace System (Ubims), and has a Bachelor of Law degree in South Korea and an MBA in the US. During mandatory military service in the Korean army, he served at the combined U.S.-Korean field army headquarters. Later, he worked at one of the major financial firms in Korea as a manager for its international businesses, in charge of planning, developing overseas real estate, and then managing three international offices in New York, London, and Tokyo. Later, he founded and operated two manufacturing companies with plants in Korea and China. Afterwards, he operated several small businesses in the Atlanta area, and the idea for 3D supply chain process system began to take shape. Upon receiving his first patent, he launched Ubims in 2016. Luke Lee has figured out the root cause of the current economic crisis, more specifically, the current new-business establishment and job crises: the lack of a modern public information supply chain process in real markets. Without being aware of it, we have made a serious mistake in developing only privately owned supply chain networks (mostly by big companies) over the last three decades. Luke Lee has established that these networks are net job-killers and have created numerous abnormalities, principally micro-bubbles and local deflation in the market as a whole. To waken the public, he has written about the economy on his blog,, and responses to these led him to establish Ubiquitous Marketplace System, Inc., to develop actual operating software and infrastructure for his idea. Luke Lee believes this will lower wholesale costs for retailers, speed up sales for manufacturers, and provide a fair rule for delivery costs while cutting time to market and laying a platform under new business establishment. Such massive change will revive our economy as it releases SMEs from the bondage afflicting local real markets.