Holly Bower

Screenwriter, director and photographer -- first woman admitted to IATSE

Above all, I'm a human being, then a woman, then the sum of my dreams, desires and accomplishments."

Holly Bower, the first woman union still photographer in the motion picture industry, sued Local 644, IATSE, under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and received her union membership in October, 1974. Shortly thereafter, Sydney Pollack, director of Three Days of the Condor, asked Ms. Bower to shoot the lonely, isolated photographs which depict Faye Dunaway’s character. These photographs remain an integral part of this film’s texture.

Ms. Bower was on the Executive Board of Local 644 in 1980, the first woman to be elected. Bower has taken still photographs for over 40 features and television shows.

The inscription on a photograph of Holly Bower, taken by Dustin Hoffman on Kramer vs. Kramer, reads: “For Holly, because this proves she is in Fellini’s world.”

Ms. Bower has been writing feature film scripts
and recently wrote/directed and produced a
parody of a Viagra commercial.