Homaro Cantu

Chef Homaro Cantu

An innovator in post-modern cuisine and an internationally recognized leader in molecular gastronomy, Cantu is a Michelin-rated chef and the owner of Chicago’s critically acclaimed moto restaurant and its sister restaurant iNG Restaurant. Starting from humble beginnings, Cantu started his career on the West Coast before completing a four year tenure at Chicago’s legendary Charlie Trotter’s as Sous Chef. Cantu’s out-of-the-box thinking and futuristic culinary approach pushes limits in a way that combines science with art. In his new cookbook The Miracle Berry Diet Cookbook, Cantu unveils the amazing properties of the organic, all-natural miracle berry, which allows users to eliminate sugar in their favorite recipes. He is the TV star of Discovery Channel’s Planet Green and Future Food, winner of Iron Chef America and appears on his own the webseries CookiNG under PRESSURE. Cantu has been featured in numerous media outlets such as Good Morning America, the New York Times and Rolling Stone, among thousands of others. For more information please visit