Home Defenders League

The Home Defenders League is a national coalition of underwater homeowners, families resisting foreclosure, and their allies fighting Wall Street for a stronger economy.

Years after Wall Street banks gutted the economy, we are still paying the price for their greed and recklessness. As underwater homeowners and foreclosure victims we are the ones wrestling with servicers that file fraudulent paperwork and don’t return our phone calls. There are millions of us facing wrongful foreclosures and 15.7 million of us are underwater — meaning banks are charging more for mortgages than our homes are worth.

We’ve experienced three years of broken promises from big banks and failed assistance efforts from the Federal government. We have had enough of the talk and half-measures and are calling for bold action. After working in isolation, we are joining together to demand that our politicians and candidates seeking office make banks pay us back for the damage they have done to our families and our communities through policies that will boost the overall economy.

More information abut the Home Defenders League can be found here.