HooplaHa - Only Good News

HooplaHa is a media company focused on only good news. Our mission is to spread happiness thru acts of kindness, compassion and a smile.

HooplaHa was founded with a vision to deliver an antidote to bad news, to inspire kindness and compassion. Our goal is to tell meaningful stories of individuals and companies who are motivated to make a difference, which will make people feel good and compelled to share the story with their friends. As a mission based company, we are committed to providing a narrative on social commentary that is uplifting and fill our audience with awe & joy. We shine the spotlight on the movement of people doing uncommon acts with a positive impact and are trusted for our authenticity. We believe that there is always hope as long as there are good people in the world. * Celebrating those who are doing things to build a better world. * Conveying stories of individuals who inspire us through their efforts to overcome adversity. * Highlighting the good works by organizations and companies in their communities around the globe. * Sharing good news to keep our minds happy, which is a powerful tool for health.