Jamell N. A. Henderson, MPA

Change begins with one, therefore it shall begin with me

Jamell Nimeneh Ali Henderson was born July 8, 1985 to the late Warren Henderson and the late Nancy J. Benjamin. Jamell is 31 years old living in Brooklyn NY and has been independent since the age of 17. Growing up, Jamell has been the leader of his family, learning the values and principles of life through his father; love, generosity and guidance from his mother. Jamell was in the NYC Foster Care System for 8 years and successfully aged out of the system at the age of 21. Jamell, during his time in foster care was blessed to have a wonderful foster mother, whom he called his grandmother, the late Ms. Betty Robinson who passed in 2004. Ms. Robinson brought him to Bridge St. AME Church in Brooklyn NY, where the Rev. David B. Cousin Sr. is the pastor. Jamell has been a member of the Bridge St family since 1997 and since being a part of the family, he has grown into a rising leader in the Church and community. Jamell was truly blessed with a wonderful mother, Nancy Benjamin. His mother is his strength and joy because she is always full of energy, excitement and love just like him. Jamell has 1 brother Daheem Henderson and 1 sister Shakira Benjamin. Jamell is a proud graduate at the Borough of Manhattan Community College, from which he received an associate in Business Administration in June of 2011. During his tenure at BMCC, Jamell was a dynamic student leader who was loved and respected by the students and faculty. Jamell was the senator, vice president and president of the Student Government Association, member of the BMCC Association, Academic Senate and College Council and represented the students at CUNY events, Albany and even in Washington DC. Jamell is also a proud graduate of Brooklyn College where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science in May of 2015. During his tenure there he truly made an impact on the campus community, by becoming President of the Brooklyn College Student Center Advisory Board, President of the Caribbean Students Union and the President of the NAACP club. Jamell was a proud senior member of the Ernesto Malave Leadership Academy and is currently the Co-Chair of the Scholarship Committee of the University Student Senate Jamell is now a proud alumnus of the National Urban Fellows Graduate Program at Baruch College, where he received his Master of Public Administration on July 28th, 2016 which now makes him a proud 3-time CUNY Graduate. During this intensive 14-month graduate program, Jamell was assigned to do his mentorship in the City of Indianapolis under the leadership of Mayor Gregory Ballard and Mayor Joe Hogsett. Jamell aims to apply for PhD programs at Columbia, St. Johns, NYU and the CUNY Grad Center for the Spring or Fall of 2017. Jamell continues his journey to his calling that he has received by God Almighty since the age of 7 and was confirmed to him in August of 2010: To become the President of the United States. Each living moment he becomes one step closer. Jamell served twice as a young adult member on Community Board 8, covering the neighborhoods of Crown Heights, Weeksville and Prospect Heights in Brooklyn. Through this, he has become a viable mouthpiece in advocating for the youth and young adults that are in need of love and support. Jamell is a strong African-American man who feels that it is time for the youth and young adults to rise up and play a vital role in their church, school and community. Jamell’s leadership has elevated him to serve over 13 Presidential positions in various organizations, a major accomplishment that many cannot say they have done. Jamell also teaches and trains in what he is truly gifted in; the essence of leadership. Jamell has also had the honor to speak behind the sacred desk to bring God’s message at over 35 congregations. Jamell’s accomplishments include, becoming the Bridge St. AME Church 2002 Youth of the Year, 2008 Young Adult of the Year; Receiving citations from the NYS Senate and NYS Assembly, a Proclamation from Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, The New York City Council and a letter of accomplishment from Mayor Michael Bloomberg for his service in leadership. Jamell has also received numerous awards from BMCC, Brooklyn College and CUNY. Jamell has traveled 20 states and 4 international countries to date. Jamell has held numerous leadership positions throughout various organizations and has made a substantial impact on all that he focused his gifts on. Jamell is also using his influence on a larger scope by becoming a blogger for Huffington Post. Outside of all of this, Jamell is a highly energetic, funny and exciting young man of God. Jamell likes to cook, travel, spend time with his friends and family, most of all loves to have fun while making a difference in someone’s life. Jamell truly believes that if you work hard, you can play hard and he lives by that creed. Jamell has created his own quote that applies to all that he does, change begins with one, and therefore it begins with me. Jamell feels that if he uses the gifts that God has given him to make a difference in someone’s life daily, then he as accomplished his daily work for the Lord. His humility and love for all lead him to a true message that he believes in; “Let the Work that I do for God, the work I do for the people, and the uniqueness of my character speak for me.”