Howard J. Bennett, M.D.

Pediatrician, Author, Clinical Professor, George Washington University School of Medicine

Dr. Howard J. Bennett is a board-certified pediatrician with 30 years of clinical experience. He spent the first part of his career in academic medicine, teaching and practicing primary care pediatrics. He was the director of pediatric education during his academic tenure and won the first Outstanding Teacher Award given in his department.

Dr. Bennett has been in private practice since 1991, but has continued his academic affiliations. He is currently a clinical professor of pediatrics at The George Washington University School of Medicine.

Dr. Bennett was an Expert Pediatric Advisor for from 2005 to 2007. He has contributed to Q&A columns for Parents Magazine, Contemporary Pediatrics and He is a regular contributor for Jack and Jill magazine and the "Ever Wonder" column, which is published in the Washington Post. He launched his own website,, in April of 2012.

Dr. Bennett has published over 100 articles in medical journals. His children’s books are adapted from his extensive experience as a practicing pediatrician. Dr. Bennett’s first picture book, "Lions Aren’t Scared of Shots," was featured in a story about pain control on the Today Show.

Dr. Bennett is the author of the following books:

• “Max Archer, Kid Detective: The Case of the Recurring Stomachaches,” Magination Press, 2012.
• “Max Archer, Kid Detective: The Case of the Wet Bed,” Magination Press, 2011.
• “Harry Goes to the Hospital,” Magination Press, 2008. The book won a 2008 Moonbeam Children’s Award for Health Issues.
• “It Hurts When I Poop,” Magination Press, 2007. The book won a 2007 iParenting Media Award.
• “Lions Aren’t Scared of Shots,” Magination Press, 2006. The book won a 2006 iParenting Media Award and a 2008 Learning Magazine Teachers’ Choice Award for the Family.
• "Waking Up Dry: A Guide to Help Children Overcome Bedwetting," American Academy of Pediatrics, 2005. The book won the 2005 Midwest Book Award (self-help category) and was a finalist for the 2006 Benjamin Franklin Award (parenting category).
• The Doctor’s Book of Humorous Quotations, Hanley & Belfus/Elsevier, 2001.
• The Best of Medical Humor: A Collection of Articles, Essays, Poetry and Letters Published in the Medical Literature, Hanley & Belfus/Elsevier, 1997.