Hussain Abdul-Hussain

Washington bureau chief, Alrai newspaper

Hussain Abdul-Hussain is the Washington Bureau Chief of Kuwaiti newspaper Al Rai.
He worked for Congress-funded Arabic TV, Alhurra, as news producer. Prior to joining Alhurra, he worked as reporter and later editor for Beirut's The Daily Star.
He has contributed articles to the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Christian Science Monitor, The International Herald Tribune, the USA Today and the Baltimore Sun and has appeared on CNN, MSNBC and the BBC. He often contributes editorials to Arabic daily Annahar of Lebanon, Egypt's Al-Ahram Weekly Suplement as well as Al-Ahram's Democracy Periodical, and Abu Dhabi's The National. He appears regularly on Arabic satellite TV stations.
Abdul-Hussain is a graduate of the American University of Beirut.
He runs News from Washington, and its sister site in Arabic.