Helen Young

Emmy award-winning Producer/Documentary Filmmaker

Writer/Producer/Documentary Filmmaker Helen Young is an Emmy award-winning writer and producer who forged a career in broadcast journalism by blending a passion for investigative reporting with a commitment to illuminating the critical issues of the day. She is in production on an independent documentary, which examines two recent security breaches at American nuclear weapons facilities. In both cases nuclear disarmament activists, including two Catholic nuns and a Jesuit priest in their 80’s, were responsible. These shocking incidents call into question the security of America’s nuclear installations and also focus attention on the debate of whether nuclear weapons make the world a safer or more dangerous place. Over the course of more than 25 years Helen has written and produced news reports and documentaries for the broadcast and cable networks including CBS News, NBC News and MSNBC. She was co-executive producer of Armed in America, a film that examined the role of the ATF in stopping the trafficking of illegal firearms. She wrote and produced Childhood Obesity-Danger Zone, a documentary that took an unvarnished look at the toll the obesity epidemic is taking on young people. The film aired on The Food Network and was produced for Al Roker Entertainment. Another film, America’s Astronauts, profiled some of the brave men and women who ventured into space in the early days of NASA. As a staff writer and producer on broadcasts ranging from Dateline NBC, The CBS Evening News with Dan Rather, Street Stories, America Tonight, CBS This Morning and the newscasts of WCBS-TV, Helen worked on many of the notable stories of our time including the death of Princess Diana, The O.J. Simpson murder trial, the Oklahoma City bombing, the impeachment of President Clinton and the death of John F. Kennedy Junior. She has won four television news Emmy awards, as well as awards from the Society of Professional Journalists, United Press International, the National Commission on Working Women, and the Red Cross.

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