Shela yount

Mom | Wife | Blogger

I have a passion to write. I have been writing ever since I was a little girl. Songs, poems, stories, and love notes; I have had a desire since I can remember to write a book too (I guess a blog will work for now). When I had our son, my husband and I decided I would stay home with him. After we were settled, he was back to work, and we began to find a steady routine, I found myself sitting quietly with a newborn for eight hours a day. My brain needed an escape, so I decided to start a blog! It’s been so much fun and I am so thankful my husband supports me doing it! I feel an intense pull to write about how my faith intertwines with being a mom and a wife. I don’t write content just to be publishing something; my blog is a way for me to grow my relationship with God (by digitally journaling my thoughts about the things I experience and read), it gives me a sense of accountability to be a better mom and wife (because I know I’ll be writing about it later), and it allows me to document my successes (and failures) to improve who I am as a mom & wife in the future. I have 9 years under my belt as a mom and 2 years as a wife; I am nowhere near perfect (even though I try really hard to be), I mess up every. single. day. I am still learning and I can’t wait to share new things with you as I discover them!