Isa Freeling

Art & Culture Writer & Adviser: Talking all things artful

Isa Freeling has a long and multi-disciplinary career in the arts. A graduate of Bennington College where she majored in Drama and Literature; Ms. Freeling continued her studies in acting at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London and then privately in New York City and Chicago in voice, drama, and dance. She writes on art and culture for several publications including: New York Daily News, Huff Post, Artlyst and Culture Sonar. Freeling is also a film acquisition and development consultant for Ironworks Productions. In 2005 she became the Executive Director for Cheryl Hazan, a Tribeca Art Gallery. Subsequently getting ever more involved in the visual arts Freeling works with emerging artists and collectors as an adviser and is dedicated to mentoring and assisting artists to develop their work and find appropriate venues for exhibition. She has also spoken on international film festival panels about development and sales and covered the gamut of international film festivals and markets for Ironworks Productions, Metropolitan Film Associates and Canadian based Cinemavault Releasing in Acquisitions on both documentary and fiction features, as well as Mystic Fire Releasing on experimental and alternative film. Freeling founded "Now Playing" a young peoples theater program integrating young people from divergent backgrounds to come together and make theater. She has written on art, theater, dance, and film, as well as on socio-political issues, including big development in Brooklyn, New York and on racial unrest in Ferguson. She will be launching her new podcast and video-cast platform ARTCULTURE Society in Spring 2018 addressing the arts and humanities relationship to the culture(s) of our society. Isa Freeling is currently serving as an Advisory Board Member to The Knights; a young, innovative chamber orchestra based in New York City, touring, recording, and performing classical music concerts worldwide. She is also a Board Member of Trendsetters, an organization which helps young women to realize their future careers through mentoring programs. As a strong believer in volunteerism, Isa Freeling has given her time and effort to numerous causes. She has been a guest for NYC Creative Salon discussions on visual arts, as well as recently moderating "Fighting History," asking art professionals, "What role the arts should play in today’s political climate?" Freeling is currently working on Dutch New York history in combination with the arts from several different mediums.