Ihitashri Shandilya

Traditional Art Promoter, Social Entrepreneur, Acumen fellow creating a sustainable social business to preserve a heritage Indian art, Mithila Painting.

Ihitashri is a Mithila Art (An Indian art) Connoisseur, Social Entrepreneur & an Acumen India Fellow working for the 'Ethical Commercialization' of a GI Patented heritage traditional art of India - Mithila Paintings (also known as 'MADHUBANI PAINTINGS' ).

Through her brainchild organization 'MITHILAsmita', Ihitashri is striving to preserve the ancient art in its age-old form, and promote it through a Socially Responsible Sustainable Business Model! Preserving the ancient styles, themes and methodologies are deeply integrated in to designing and producing a MITHILAsmita hand painted art product.

MITHILAsmita does cause marketing for the dying heritage art of India and in the process, make the world a beautiful place to live in!

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