Ilana Greene

Editor, 'Harvard Newsletter'

After graduating Harvard University, my endeavors have been featured in Fox Business Network, the <em>Boston Globe</em>, <em>Boston Business Journal</em>, <em>Time</em> magazine, and <em>Cambridge Chronicle</em>. I graduated cum laude with a distinction in research from Cornell University. In addition, I studied abroad at the London School of Economics. My professional tenure includes equities trading at Goldman Sachs and William Blair. I am also a founder of “PowerDown” -- a clean energy start-up. I have become an active reporter with <em>Forbes</em>, the <em>Wall Street Journal</em>, <em>Market Watch</em>, <em>Fortune</em>, <em>USA Today</em>, <em>Christian Science Monitor</em>, <em>New York Daily News</em>, Business Insider, <em>Boston Globe</em>, and others. I am the editor of the <em>Harvard Newsletter</em>.