Alley Bradley

CEO of Paris Copia,, Licensed Real Estate Agent in New York City

Alley Bradley is the CEO of Paris Copia, a company that specializes in short term rentals of ultra-luxury homes in Paris, France. Alley founded Paris Copia at the age of 26 after a short stint on Wall Street where she leveraged her marketing skills working in the Strategy & Management Solutions Group for a Fortune 500 company. Today, she manages an exclusive portfolio of private residences in the 1st - 8th arrondissements which have been carefully hand-selected to deliver a unique lifestyle experience embodying global sophistication and residential charm. Alley sets her sights high and her standards higher, aiming always to delight her discerning guests with heartfelt service that is intuitive and unobtrusive. Her portfolio of homes is rated as among the best in the industry with many homes featured in world-renowned interior design publications. When not in Paris, Alley lives in New York where she is also a Licensed Real Estate Agent with Sotheby's International Realty where she enjoys working with a variety of American and international clients from the financial, media, entertainment and fashion worlds. In 2016 Alley plans to show the world how she can be a first-time mother, run two companies, and volunteer at the Make-a-Wish foundation as well as the ASPCA. Her husband continues to be in awe of her and believes that there is at least one, if not two, books in her future.