Modern Femme™

Where Ambition and Family Thrive in the Life of Today's Working Woman

Our Mission: To equip and empower women from all walks of life to do better and be better, both individually and as a community, establishing a global definition of success that allows all women to thrive personally and professionally, building a legacy of hope and dynamic access to better opportunity for the younger generations who will be taught to lead with humility, gratitude, acceptance, creativity and collaboration. Modern Femme™ provides a safe place for women to explore their dreams and reclaim their individual definition of success, taking steps to access and implement the knowledge and resources that will set them back on the path to personal and professional wellness. The community of women at Modern Femme™ work together to seek authentic insights, genuine interest and unrivaled acceptance of the uniquely diverse strengths and purposes we all individually bring to our personal and professional realms. It is a space that celebrates family alongside ambition and welcomes creativity, drive, love and humility. The community of expert speakers, selfless coaches and dynamic educators at Modern Femme™ have helped many women to discover and reclaim their authentic selves, offering life changing educational, personal and professional insights that provide access to tangible growth and actionable value, while engaging like-minded women who care, support and encourage each other on that journey to self-wellness and professional fortitude. Modern Femme™ provides a single, yet multi-faceted version, of ‘truth’. Modern Femme™ empowers women to see that success is not one size fits all. There is space and value for each and every woman. It is our responsibility as human beings and as women to celebrate and support each other instead of tear each other down. This truth revolves around the singular idea that ‘all are welcome’ and that every woman is unrivaled in their unique contribution to our community.