S. L. Young

Author, blogger, project/program leader, professor, social entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and radio host

S. L. Young ( is an author, blogger, project/program leader, business professor, inspirational speaker, and host/producer of "Beyond Just Talk with S. L. Young" who writes and speaks about dealing with life and business topics. Mr. Young's books and blog provide solution-oriented guidance to address challenges such as: belief, educational struggles, depression/suicide prevention, ethics, workplace bullying, and more. Mr. Young is also the founder of a non-profit organization - Saving Our Communities at Risk Through Educational Services (SOCARTES -, which teaches individuals in at-risk communities about life, business, and soft skills. Mr. Young's for-profit company (Beyond SPRH, LLC ( provides solution-oriented services to help individuals and organizations maximize output potential. Mr. Young's books: "Above Expectations: an unlikely journey from almost failing high school to becoming a college professor", "Bullies...They're In Your Office, Too: Could you be one?", "Choosing to Take a Stand: Changed me, my life, and my destiny", "Ethical Opportunity Cost: It's a matter of choice", "It's a Crazy World...Learn From It - Part I: Taking Care of Me", "It's a Crazy World...Learn From It - Part II: Taking Care of Me", "It's a Crazy World...Learn From It - Part III: Keeping It Going", "It's a Crazy World...Learn From It - Part IV: The Journey Continues", "Management Spotlight - Belief", "Management Spotlight - Communication", "Management Spotlight - Negotiation", "Management Spotlight - Time Management", "Management Spotlight - Workplace Bullying", and Turning Darkness Into Light: Inspiring Lessons After a Near-Suicide.