W. Fred Willis


Fred Willis is a man of many talents. As an accomplished musician, he has toured Europe and Asia with the Glory Gospel Singers as accompanist and bandleader in Japan. Musically, he fulfills his musical calling in the local church serving as Minister of Music. In 2011 Fred took his love for prose to new heights as a columnist for the now defunct His writing has developed into a new level of writing and storytelling and he has been afforded limitless opportunities to express his gift at some of the world’s grandest occasions and with some of the most recognizable people in the world. Fred was contributor for and covered many national topics, artists and festivals in his column. Ever enterprising, Fred brought his digital media vision to life, The SoulProsper Media Group. The burgeoning company has since created audio, video, photography and written media assets while working with top media producers and talent. Still with more to say, the SoulProsper Radio show was birthed in 2012 and covered Fred’s written topics as well as a missive to accompany the playlist comprised of handpicked indie artists. As the show grew and syndication increased, SoulProsper Radio was heard on 10 networks as far as The Cayman Islands. Success came in varied forms and the prominent show followed a natural transition to a 24 hour internet radio station which delivered its niche playlist and programming to a waiting international audience. In 2015, Fred’s work in radio was recognized with the 2015 Prayzefactor Radio Programmer of the Year award, given by the Prayzefest Gospel Network. The journey is only beginning for Fred as his quest for God’s best continues. In addition to the station, Fred engages his online audience with the SoulProsper Media Group, Threaded (a digital magazine) and as editor-in-chief of Signature Radio and News (online). He is currently a contributor on the Huffington Post blog and continues to expand the reach of his media voice with his newest podcast: “On the Record”.