Ingrid Prueher

Pediatric & Adult Sleep Expert

Ingrid Prueher, the founder of Ingrid Baby Sleep Whisperer™ and Sleep Transformation, is a bilingual Pediatric and Adult Sleep and Nutrition Consultant. Since 2009, Ingrid has dedicated her life to transforming the lives of sleep-deprived families by taking a holistic approach to their lifestyle and sleeping issue. Her mission is to educate adults and families on the importance of healthy eating and sleep routines so they can live happier, healthier and a more balanced life. Born in Guatemala and raised in New York, Ingrid received her BA from St. John University and MBA from The New School in Manhattan. As a former Wall Street research analyst, Ingrid found her true passion when she became a parent. After the birth of her second son, she used her love of data and research to get him into a good sleep routine. This process led her life-changing journey to become a certified sleep consultant. Ingrid combines her experience and knowledge of nutrition, alternative therapies and sleep to encourage English and Spanish-speaking families to make healthy life choices. Ingrid ‘s sleep philosophy and holistic approach have led to speaking engagements, workshops and classes for brands such as Giorgio Armani, Guardian, AQR Capital Management, New York Road Runners and BEDGEAR. Ingrid is the host of “Baby Sleep 911” Web TV Series and the sleep expert for Fox & Friends. Her expert advice has been featured in national media outlets such as Health Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Fox News, CBS and American Baby. Ingrid has helped thousands of families globally learn safe and natural sleep methods to get a good night sleep. By providing personalized sleep programs, support, and information, individuals learn long-term solutions to adult and child sleep challenges. Ingrid is certified by the Family Sleep Institute as a Child Sleep Consultant and holds additional certifications in lactation counseling, holistic health coaching, stress management and is a Yoga Nidra sleep meditation instructor. Ingrid is married with two boys and lives in Connecticut.