Ir Amim

The Ir Amim blog seeks to establish a vibrant and open meeting space to discuss Jerusalem

The Ir Amim blog seeks to establish a vibrant and open meeting space to discuss Jerusalem. Through our "Voices From Jerusalem" posts and our official organizational posts, we aim to illuminate little-seen aspects of life in Jerusalem for the Palestinians and Israelis, for Jews, Christians and Muslims who share the city; and who live their lives confounded by the ongoing conflict over the city. We seek to air a wide range of hopes, fears and aspirations held by Jerusalemites, and those who care about its future. We aim to generate a deeper awareness of the multi-layered issues in Jerusalem; and to stimulate an exchange of thoughts, feelings, experiences, analyses and beliefs. <br /> <br /> We launch this blog out of a commitment to help Jerusalem relinquish its well-rehearsed role in igniting the Palestinian / Israeli confrontation, and become instead a fulcrum for resolving the conflict. Please join us on this journey.<br /> <br /> <strong><br /> About Ir Amim</strong><br /> <br /> Ir Amim (“City of Nations” or “City of Peoples”) is an Israeli non-profit, non-partisan organization founded in order to actively engage in those issues impacting on Israeli-Palestinian relations in Jerusalem and on the political future of the city. Ir Amim seeks to render Jerusalem a more viable and equitable city, while generating and promoting a more politically sustainable future.<br /> <br /> Bearing in mind the symbolic and actual status of Jerusalem as a city of two peoples and three religions, as well as the city's pivotal role in reaching a political agreement, Ir Amim aspires to a stable Jerusalem, equitably shared by the two peoples; a city that ensures the dignity and welfare of all its residents and that safeguards their holy places, as well as their historical and cultural heritages.<br /> <br /> Ir Amim offers its knowledge and expertise concerning the political, economic and social conditions in Jerusalem to a range of organizations and individuals, including governmental and municipal authorities who deal with the management of the city, and Track II parties who examine the sustainability of possible political arrangements.<br /> <br /> Ir Amim has ongoing working relations with the Palestinian community in Jerusalem, as well as with key players in the international community active in Jerusalem issues.<br /> <br /> <a href=""></a>