Irene Tanner

Life Transition Counselor

Irene Tanner has been a student of metaphysics and human potential since she left her home in the south in the post WW2 1940’s to continue her education at Parson’s School of Design in New York City. Ever exploring, had she been a native New Yorker, she probably would have migrated to Paris!

As a textile stylist/designer and art director, Irene worked with converters and manufacturers of fashion and home furnishings fabrics. Her work, which entailed purchasing patterns and customizing product lines, took her to foreign as well as domestic markets.

When Asia began to dominate the industry in the mid-seventies, Irene formed Image Management Associates, assisting corporations and individuals to maximize their appearance and presentation skills. Her interest in spirituality and Jungian psychology resulted in original workshops based on characteristics and personalities of Greek gods and goddesses as related to contemporary life.

In the mid 1990’s, responding to the need for welfare reform, and having a strong desire to contribute to society, she founded a non-profit organization, SuitAbility, assisting disadvantaged women and youth toward self-sufficiency and increased self-esteem.

As SuitAbility’s president her duties included fund-raising, developing partnerships, writing newsletters, implementing programs, leading workshops and recruiting volunteers. In early 2001 she became chairman emeritus.

Irene was developing a book, “Darling You Are Divine”, a dream of more than twenty years, inspired by the publishing of Dr. Jean Bolen’s “Goddesses in Every Woman” in 1985. Dr. Bolen, a Jungian analyst and feminist, explored and related the characteristics of seven major reigning feminine and masculine deities of ancient Greece to the eternal personalities and character traits of modern women and men.

Working as an image consultant, she utilized the information originating on Mt. Olympus, home of the gods, to design workshops that were a fun and effective way to serve her clients. By the way, Irene lived her early life as Persephone, the Eternal Girl, growing gradually into her mature years as Queen of the Underworld. Symbolically this represents her transformation from Dutiful Daughter to Wise Woman – or WOW – Woman Of Wisdom! WOWs are identified to all by their innate Intelligence and Demeanor – or ID. Younger women may be designated as WITS – WOWs In Training.

When Irene traveled on a cruise to discovery in July 2009, sponsored by Louise Hay, a leading new thought publisher, Irene met Rebecca Low, a voice coach and motivational speaker from Singapore. This led to their collaboration on a series of workshops presented at the National University of Singapore, designed to enhance work performance of senior staff.

Irene created a website (, where she shares her photographs and love of poetry and writing. She also publishes a weekly blog (, exploring topics based on personal experience and reflecting her positive philosophy.

As a Life Transition Counselor, she sees herself as a role model for maturing productively and wishes to reach an audience that resonates with this approach – aging gracefully and gorgeously!

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