Irina Vishnevskaya

adventurer + travel planner + founder @ allé travel

I’m an ardent believer of the fact that travel is the most important investment we can make in our own personal development, our family togetherness and world peace. Yes, I'm crazy enough to believe that travel is one of the main ingredients to world peace. With a formal education in International Business, my adventures have taken me all around the world, for both business and pleasure. I started allé travel, a travel planning company, because I am peeved by all those who choose to spend their vacation time at the same isolated, boring Mexican resort year after year (though I do love the real Mexico). I am fanatic about making it easier and more approachable for travelers to get up and go discover the vast, beautiful and diverse world we live in. When I’m not traveling or planning our beloved clients’ travels, I can be found on my yoga mat or checking out the latest brewery in Minneapolis; a city I love to call home (at least for now!).