Illya Szilak

writer, new media artist, curator, independent scholar and physician. Creator of Reconstructing Mayakovsky and Queerskins.

llya Szilak is an independent scholar, writer and new media artist. In her art practice, she uses open source media and collaborations forged via the Internet to create multimedia narrative installations online. Shaped by her experience as a physician, her artistic practice explores mortality, embodiment, identity, and belief in a media inundated by an increasingly virtual world. Cyril Tsiboulski is her interactive designer/ collaborator. Her first work Reconstructing Mayakovsky was included in the second Electronic Literature Collection and has been taught both as an example of innovative narrative game and literature at the university level. Her second work Queerskins was included in the third Electronic Literature Collection. She is currently working on Atomic Vacation, a post-apocalyptic narrative journey through virtual landscapes. She writes frequently in the popular press on new media art and electronic literature. Please join her September 10th from 1-6 PM at The Kitchen in NYC for the event she is curating: Electronic Literature: We Have Always Been Digital. This afternoon of interactive presentations showcases a range of dynamic forms from bots and games to interactive online works, and offers audience members the chance to engage with works and authors after the performances.