Ivan Siladji

Blogger. Aspiring Writer. Scientist. Family Man.

I thought about writing this formal “about me” post in the third person but then I thought let’s be real here. I’m a normal Dad, hard working I like to think, a husband and a guy with a hope to be the best I can be in this world. I’m striving to be someone my kids can look up to and a guy my wife can feel secure with and loved by. Writing to me is a means for me to let out my creative juices all the while working in a crazy job and raising a family. It’s a place to share my opinions, albeit sometimes controversial, share lessons I have learned that might be of use and hopefully one day I can take it to new heights and make a full time thing out of it. Some of the experiences I draw lessons from are my work as a scientist and manager, parenting, business experience, lessons from blogging, family and of course general interest in things like the outdoors, lifestyle and self-awareness. Have questions? You can email me at