Ivy Allen

Writer, speaker, life strategist and personal coach

Ivy is a stand for people living an extraordinary life. Writer, speaker, life strategist and personal coach, she helps women (and men) create intimate connections in relationships, expand their sexuality, express their natural sensuality, and date with confidence. She works with primarily women (and select men) to help them discover their passions, attract the loves of their lives, and create the partnerships of their dreams.

Ivy is a certified Life Coach and graduate of the international coaching school, CoachU, Inc. She enjoys her beautiful daughter, Amira, family and friends, coaching partnerships and alliances, developing and leading seminars, and is always in the pursuit of extraordinary living! A lover of dance (especially salsa), good food, music, adventure, and most especially of dessert, Ivy can be found just about anywhere being who she was born to be: inspiration, empowerment, and love. She can be found @coachivy or directly at coachivyallen [at]