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I am a travel writer, a nomad, a wanderer, a wonderer, a gypsy, homeless. For once and for all, I have nothing to offer, except my writing. What you will see through my writing and poetry is an expression of what type of energy is in each place that I visit, either outside or inside. This is different to traditional travel blogs. I believe in the concept of energy and that it comes in all forms - in people, in experiences and in places. I hope that through the energy you feel in the poetry based upon WHERE I wrote the poem (physically, mentally, spiritually), you will be inspired to travel to those places, or other places both internally and externally. I write poetry and perform spoken word, I dance zouk and perform stand-up/improv. I am a mediator and conflict resolution trainer, who practices non violent communication. I have also worked independently with women led businesses in various industries over the last 5 years helping them to plan their businesses. I have delivered training in the area of communication, public speaking, assertiveness and conflict resolution in various cities, including Dubai, Kabul, Toronto and various parts of the United States, all places where I have lived during my working life, in addition to New York, Bangkok and Delhi.

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