Joyce Mabe

Parent Coach for parents with teens with ADHD

Joyce realized early on in her career as a school counselor in a middle school/junior high that the best way to help kids was to also help their parents. As a school counselor in the "trenches", kids tell her things; things that their parents need to know in order to not just raise their tweens* and teens into responsible, healthy, productive adults, but to be better able to parent from a place of understanding and perspective instead of frustration and confusion. (*Tweens are kids ages 10-12.) As a Parenting Coach, blogger, author and speaker, Joyce's #1 goal is to provide parents with the insight, perspective, tips, tools and techniques they need so they can have a great relationship with their teens and not only survive but thrive their kids' teen years. Joyce has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from George Mason University, a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Human Services from the University of Phoenix and she is a Certified Life Coach. She is also a proud mom of two grown sons. Her book, Parental Guidance: A School Counselor’s guide to understanding and raising today’s tweens and teens is available on Contact Joyce at