Jack Donaldson


Jack Donaldson graduated from Middlebury College in ’06 with a BA in History and a pathological dread of the adult world. Reared on too many viewings of Stand By Me and The Wonder Years, he was convinced his best years were behind him and settled in for the remainder of his years by moving back home. However, he has thankfully since moved out and is gradually easing himself into the real world.

Throughout his life Jack has had an unwavering passion for all things “Pop Culture”. Film, TV, music, books, sports; these are the things that make Jack’s life worth living. A self-proclaimed connoisseur, Jack has an opinion on just about anything and is shocked when others don’t share his proclivity for conversation and argument. Of course his biggest passion is for writing, and he hopes most of all that by blogging he can explore his own creative disposition.

While not writing or voraciously consuming entertainment, Jack is also a former college baseball player (and captain of the Van Buren Boys Intramural Basketball and Softball squads) who will happily play a pick-up game of just about anything.

His day job is as an Account Executive at major New York City Advertising Agency.