Rep. Jack Franks

Illinois State Representative

State Representative Jack D. Franks was elected in November 1998 to the 63rd Legislative District of Illinois. Rep. Franks chairs the State Government Administration Committee, is vice chair of the International Trade & Commerce Committee, and also sits on the Aging, Public Utilities, Veterans’ Affairs and Bio-Technology Committee. His committee assignments reflect his dedication to the communities he represents. <br /> <br /> The impeachment of Illinois former governor Rod Blagojevich was the culmination of Rep. Franks’ efforts to reform and restore good government to the people of Illinois. As Chair of the State Government Administration Committee, Rep. Franks called for the first audits of a sitting governor in the history of Illinois. For a long time, Rep. Franks was a lonely voice of opposition in Springfield and the first Democrat to openly criticize Blagojevich. He continues to act in the best interest of the citizens of Illinois by pushing legislation to reform state government and firmly believes in legislative accountability and transparency.