Jackie Morgan MacDougall

Executive Producer / Co-host, Broadscast

Jackie Morgan MacDougall, EP and co-host of Broadscast, is a daytime syndicated television veteran who has spent over two decades in TV and the digital space, building an audiences on-air and online through marketing, digital development and social media.

After spending 14 years in broadcast television, Jackie became founding editor of Warner Bros.’, building the site from conception to 1.7 million unique visitors in a matter of months. It was then that Jackie discovered her passion for connecting with women through building and growing robust online communities. At the same time, she also began her on-air career as a spokesperson for the Warner Bros site, appearing on Today Show, CNN and On Air with Ryan Seacrest, and countless local TV/radio stations, sparking her love for connecting with women through multi-media platforms.

Since then, Jackie has produced and hosted LIVE online events, as well as discussed women-centric topics on shows including Good Morning America, CNN, Dr. Drew, The Ricki Lake Show, Huffpost Live, Ask Dr. Nandi, Fox Studio 11 and On-Air with Ryan Seacrest.

Jackie also continues to serve as a marketing consultant for a variety of TV studios, networks and ad agencies, producing on-air marketing materials and creating co-branded sweepstakes and integrated marketing campaigns with top brands.

Jackie lives in the ‘burbs of Los Angeles with her dashing husband and three perfectly behaved children.