Jacob Morgan

Author, The Future of Work, Speaker, Futurist

Jacob is the <a href="" target="_hplink">Author of The Future of Work (Wiley 2014)</a> which was endorsed by the CEO of Intuit, Global Chairman of KPMG, Gary Hamel, CEO of Whirlpool, CEO of SAP, and many others. Jacob is also a <a href="" target="_hplink">keynote speaker</a> and co-founder of <a href="" target="_hplink">The FOW Community</a>, an invite only membership community empowering members and organizations for the future of work.<br /> <br /> Jacob's previous book <a href="" target="_hplink"><em>The Collaborative Organization</em> </a>(McGraw Hill 2012) became an Amazon best-seller. He blogs at <a href="" target="_hplink">The Future Organization</a> and has a <a href="" target="_hplink">column on Forbes </a>where he talks about collaboration and the future of work. You can connect with Jacob directly on <a href="" target="_hplink">Facebook </a>or <a href="" target="_hplink">Twitter</a>. You can also email Jacob directly,