Jacqueline Corbelli

Founder, Chairman and CEO of BrightLine

Jacqueline is CEO, Co-Founder and Chairman of BrightLine Partners LLC, the market leader for advanced TV advertising. When co-founded by Jacqueline over 10 years ago, BrightLine pioneered interactive television solutions for brands. Today, BrightLine offers InCAST™, the industry’s most powerful advanced TV technology suite that gives marketers a plug-and-play solution to take advantage of the entire scale of connected TV and Smart TV advertising opportunities. BrightLine provides Fortune 100 companies with the industry’s most engaging and scalable interactive TV solutions in the age of streaming by creating, delivering and measuring dynamic ads across the entire advanced TV landscape. This is a world in which brands can deliver the messages they want to whom they want and when they want, and viewers can watch what they want, when they want. BrightLine refers to this as tvtopiaTM, the golden age of TV advertising. BrightLine has entered into partnerships with numerous content providers, including AMC, A&E, Discovery, ESPN, CBS, ABC, Fox, NBC and Hulu; delivery platforms including Roku, Samsung, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation; and leading ad networks and Demand- Side-Platforms (DSPs). The company’s groundbreaking work in the advertising technology space has been recognized with an Emmy and multiple marketing and media excellence awards. Jacqueline shared her extensive expertise and learnings as the author of “REVEALED: Thoughts on the Connected Television Ad Revolution,” published in 2014. Prior to co-founding BrightLine in 2003, Jacqueline was president of Aston Associates, where over the course of 12 years she directed the corporate-wide organizational, business and financial redesign of ten major financial corporations worldwide. Jacqueline sits on numerous boards, including the Atlantic Theater Company, the International Radio and Television Society, the New York Academy of Sciences, the Second Curve Capital, the Luminari Capital to the Advisory Board, and the NBCU Women’s Advisory Board. She is also extensively involved in the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, where she sits on the Leadership Council of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, and Pope Francis' Ethics in Action project under the auspices of the Vatican's Pontifical Academy of Sciences. Jacqueline was also Chairman of the Board of the Millennium Promise Alliance, overseeing the integrated economic development work that is the signature of Jeffrey Sachs’ efforts across Sub-Saharan Africa from 2005-2015. She has spoken and keynoted at numerous television, advertising and technology conferences over the years. She has also been named one of New York Business Journal’s Women of Influence in 2016.