Jacqueline von Edelberg

Author, Activist, Artist, and Social Entrepreneur

Jacqueline von Edelberg is perhaps best known as the driving force behind the Nettelhorst School’s dramatic turnaround, a story that has been featured on Oprah & Friends, The Wall Street Journal, Redbook, NPR, CNN, 60 Minutes, Education Weekly, and in the local Chicago media. She is the co-author of How to Walk to School: Blueprint for a Neighborhood School Renaissance (with a Foreword by Arne Duncan, and an Afterword by Rahm Emanuel). Jacqueline is the Director of Strategic Initiatives for both Youtopia and the Academy For Global Citizenship. Her two interactive public art installations, Mylar For Disco, Not Deportation and the Schools Say Enough Sidewalk Challenge, have been featured at festivals, protests, and marches across the country. She earned her bachelors and doctorate from the UChicago and taught political science at the University of Osnabruck as a Fulbright scholar.