Jacqueline von Edelberg

Author, Activist, Artist, and Social Entrepreneur

AUTHOR | ACTIVIST | ARTIST | SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR Jacqueline Von Edelberg has weaponized art for society and catalyzed a neighborhood school renaissance. Her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit has empowered communities to create change from the ground up. “I’m obsessed with finding the unique combination of ingredients to make a community thrive" says Jacqueline. "For kids, grownups, organizations, or even entire cities, the question remains eternal: What needs to be in place so that we feel loved, trusted, valued, safe or joyful? I’ve responded to this question as an artist, a writer, a social entrepreneur, a community organizer, a mom, a ‘nasty woman,’ and an unapologetic activist. Whatever the lens, when creative minds come together in service of helping others, the result is inevitably more than the some of its parts. But the endgame isn’t the point. The point is the process. I’m passionate about delivering beauty, building a more just and sustainable planet, and creating a world that lives up to our ideals.” For more information or to connect, log on to