Jacqueline Kravette

Restaurant financier and consultant

Jacqueline Kravette has enjoyed a diverse career that spans both the public and private sectors. After graduating the University of Virginia, she spent her early years in New York City working as a political fundraiser. For the last seven years in Los Angeles, she has been a restaurant financier and consultant. She has established relationships, helped finance, and marketed a broad range of clients, including independent and corporate fine dining and casual restaurants.

One of her most recent projects is Run 4 Recovery, a comprehensive training program for all individuals who want to get healthy while giving back to the community. Run 4 Recovery’s goal is to raise funds in support of selected organizations. Her interest in health and wellness stems from childhood as she spent every summer for 15 years working with overweight and troubled children and teens at her family’s weight reducing camp. Additionally, Jacqueline is an avid animal activist, regularly volunteering at Animal acres, a farm sanctuary, and Villalobos, a pit bull rescue.