Jacques H. Newell Taylor

Exercise Scientist and Neuroscientist

Jacques is a neuroscientist and exercise scientist keenly interested in elucidating and exploiting the relationships between physical performance, mental performance, and personal transformation. His clients thrive using his signature process, Comprehensive Muscle Preparation™ to help them achieve a range of health and performance related goals. Using the relationships between movement and the mind to maximize the effects of exercise, Jacques’s mission is to help you get what you want from your body and mind. Jacques also travels the country teaching healthcare and fitness professionals about trenchant concepts in biomechanics, exercise mechanics, neurophysiology, and joint health. He is the founder of Myotopia, and a founding member of the Muscle System Consortia. Jacques is an avid mountaineer. He enjoys camping, mountain running, orienteering, weight lifting, and the opportunity to be mindful while participating in any activity. He enjoys helping his clients, students, and colleagues develop the skills to do the same. Jacques is married to his best friend, Alexandra. They have a dog, Tasman, and enjoy living in West Palm Beach, FL.