Dale Darley

Alchemist, Coach, Writer, Author

As a teenager, I can remember telling my chemistry teacher that I wanted to be a dietician. Sadly, my rebellious ways got my in a little trouble and I was expelled After doing some pretty awful jobs, I got another one in the Tax office. Happily for me, I met an Inspector of Taxes who was to change my life. Mrs. Glover, pulled lots of strings to help me get my first real job in the IT industry. I started life teaching accountants how to ‘do’ accounts on big old computers. As a techie geek, I loved being in the IT industry and progressed from trainer through tech support, pre-sales, account management, sales and into marketing – where I thought I had found myself. I hadn't and because people have always fascinated me, a natural progression was into soft skills training and coaching. I adored working with people as I have always strived to learn more, remain self-aware, be a better human, love with all of my heart and be me. Later through my love of writing and exploring personal journeys, I morphed into a book writing coach to support numerous people on their path's to becoming authors. This remains an absolute joy. Along the way, life has certainly thrown a few things at me. In June 2014, after an interesting discovery, I packed up my life as I knew it and headed off for an adventure. I've learned some valuable lessons around self-love and live with inner peace and contentment. The author of 6 non-fiction books. My next book is called Write to Love. After wondering where life was taking me, I now live for today, relishing each new day and whatever opportunities it holds for me. When my fingers are not on the keyboard, I can be found walking, playing or cuddling my three furbabies - all rescues.