Jake Brewer

Chief Strategy Officer, Fission; Co-founder, Define American

Jake builds national campaigns that change the way people think, converse, and act around today's most important social issues.

As the Chief Strategy Officer at Fission, Jake works with projects ranging from a first-of-its-kind White House initiative on Veteran employment, to national open-data and next-generation Internet applications, to reframing the immigration debate as a co-founder of Define American with Jose Antonio Vargas.

Prior to his role at Fission, Jake served as the Engagement Director of the Sunlight Foundation, leading Sunlight's communications and campaigns as the organization catalyzed the "open government" movement. Before Sunlight, Jake was the strategic communications director for the Energy Action Coalition, which brought over 12,000 people to Capitol Hill to lobby for clean energy reform at Power Shift '09, and mobilized 350,000 'climate voters' in 10 weeks in the 2008 elections.

In his otherwise diverse career - from the innards of Washington, DC to the Persian Gulf to the outer reaches of Mongolia or East Africa - Jake has run large international events, lead a national nonprofit, designed partnerships between companies and nonprofits, built websites, created distributed events and crowd-sourced design projects, and shared untold stories through video, visualizations and photography.

Outside the office, Jake is a former All-American triathlete, a published photographer and writer, and serves in a variety of volunteer advisory and board roles.