Jamai Wallis Blivin

CEO, Innovate+Educate

Jamai is Founder and CEO of Innovate+Educate, a nonprofit she started in 2009 with a vision for an industry-led board focused on education and workforce strategies to address the significant gaps between supply/demand in both education and workforce. she approached Intel and Lockheed Martin to launch Innovate+Educate in January 2009. Since then, Jamai has been dedicated to Innovate+Educate and its mission “to create new employment pathways to employment based on skills and competencies.” Jamai serves on multiple national boards including The Future at Work Coalition, the Urban Research Park CDE, and the K12 Career Readiness Initiative. She also is very involved in her work in NM, sitting on the City of Albuquerque Learning Council, Mayor Javier Gonzales Children’s’ Cabinet, and ACT State Leadership Board (NM).