James E. Porter


James E. Porter, President of, author of dozens of workbooks, CDs and videos on managing stress has been producing stress management training materials for over 25 years. His programs and products are used in thousands of hospitals, corporations, on military bases and in government agencies including The Mayo Clinic, Blue Cross Blue Shield, NASA, Camp Pendleton, and The US Navy. Mr. Porter also lectures on stress management in major corporations and for government agencies including: Blue Cross and Blue Shield, GlaxoSmithKline, Time Inc, Homeland Security and the US Army. He has been interviewed on The CBS Morning News, and his work has been reported on in major news outlets including Good Morning America, Ladies Home Journal, The Associated Press, and The NY Daily News. His new book, published by Welcoa, is entitled: STOP STRESS THIS MINUTE and is winner of the 2012 Silver Award from the National Health Information Awards.