James Hoggan

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James Hoggan is the author of the upcoming book I'm Right and You're an Idiot. He is also the author of Climate Cover-Up: The Crusade To Deny Global Warming, and Do the Right Thing: PR Tips for a Skeptical Public.

James Hoggan is president of the award-winning Vancouver public relations firm Hoggan & Associates, has spent three decades in public relations, representing a full spectrum of corporate, government and non-for-profit clients.

Mr. Hoggan is also a leading authority on public attitudes about the environment. In 2006, Hoggan & Associates led the largest study of its kind into Canadians' understanding of and attitudes toward sustainability.

James Hoggan has also been involved in a separate series of studies on the environment in general and on global warming in particular – taking a special interest in learning how industries with a high climate change risk profile can anticipate important shifts in public opinion and can communicate effectively and credibly in an environment of profound public skepticism.

James Hoggan is the chair of the David Suzuki Foundation, a Trustee of the Dalai Lama Centre for Peace and Education and a founding director of The Climate Project Canada, which organized the Canadian version of the Al Gore Inconvenient Truth "bootcamp."

He is co-founder of the climate change website,