James Marshall Crotty

Forbes Education Columnist; Author, 'How to Talk American'; Director, 'Crotty's Kids'; Co-founder, 'Monk Magazine'

James Marshall Crotty (a.k.a. Crotty) is best known as the co-founder, editor, and peripatetic publisher of Monk: The Mobile Magazine, which from 1986-1998 he ran from the dashboard of his 26-foot Fleetwood Bounder “Monkmobile.” He is the author of several books, including How To Talk American (Houghton Mifflin), The USA Phrasebook (Lonely Planet), and, with fellow “Monk” Michael Lane, of Mad Monks On the Road (Simon & Schuster), The Mad Monks’ Guide to New York City (Macmillan), The Mad Monks’ Guide to California (Macmillan), and works in TV, multimedia, and film, including the forthcoming urban debate documentary, Crotty’s Kids, which Crotty wrote, directed, produced, and in which he stars. As a media auteur, Crotty has been profiled in major American media, including Newsweek, the New York Times, ABC’S “Good Morning America,” NPR’s “Morning Edition,” MTV News, Fox News, Rolling Stone, CNN, USA Today, Wired, and hundreds more. Mr. Crotty has also been featured in major international media, including the BBC, CBC, Germany’s Der Stern, Japan’s NHK, and Italy’s Panorama. Mr. Crotty is widely regarded as a pioneer of “the mobile office” (Portable Computing Magazine) and the inventor of “dashboard publishing” (Fact Sheet Five). Starting in 1994 with the Transom, continuing in 1997 with Hollywood Broadcasting and concluding in 2000 with Playboy, Crotty brought high-level multimedia content to the web long before the user-generated era took hold. In 2004, he helped launch the blog/video blog revolution with the independent politics and culture site, The Crotty Farm Report ( He is currently the “Business of Education” columnist for Forbes Media ( and an Independent Political Columnist for the Huffington Post. In addition to his writing and film work, Crotty is a founding Principal in L.A.-based Monk (, which includes the web development company Monk Media (, Monk Space production rental (, Monk Host ( and Monk Post ( In his spare time, Crotty volunteers as a debate coach and judge (see for a trailer about his work with at-risk youth) and leads Great Books discussion groups in cities around the world. Mr. Crotty earned a Bachelor of Science in Speech from Northwestern University and a Master’s in Liberal Arts from St. John’s College Santa Fe, “the Great Books School.” He can be reached via: Email: Twitter: Facebook: Forbes: