James B. Owens

Gay activist, musical theatre performer, fashion enthusiast, avid cardboard recycler, and father to Taco the Dog

James Owens began his political activism when he joined the Freedom to Marry movement in 2013. In his leadership role, James brought much-needed media attention to the Oregon United for Marriage campaign as a featured guest on the statewide Oregon Public Broadcasting program Think Out Loud, as a guest columnist for The Oregonian and in several interviews and comments in publications across the state. Since the win for marriage equality at the National level, James continues to build partnerships and coalitions that focus on advancing equality and inclusiveness for LGBT people. Outside of his leadership roles, James enjoys performing with local theatre companies and has worked on several charitable causes, ranging from building churches in Mexico to serving food to the homeless at a shelter in San Francisco to volunteering his time at an AIDS clinic. He lives in Palm Springs, California.