James S. Parker


In a way, it’s always been there, this writing thing that James S. Parker carries around inside.

Growing up in Bellevue, Kentucky, the son of two middle class hard-working people, he was a voracious reader and he made up his own stories. He is quick to clarify: “I never told lies (wink), but I told lots of stories.”

When he started college, James worried that he wouldn’t be able to keep up with the other students, not because he wasn’t smart enough, but because he worked a lot to pay for school and he didn’t really think he had the background to be successful there. But he not only survived, he thrived at Eastern Kentucky University and earned his two Bachelor degrees in Communications and Sociology, then continuing on with his graduate work in Criminology.

In his freshman year, James was fortunate to meet professor Dominick Harte, an English professor who saw sparks of his writing talent and determined to help him make the most of it. “I took both official courses he offered,” says James, “but then I went to him and asked if he would look over everything I was going to write in college and to my surprise he agreed to do just that.” Not unexpectedly, this mentoring relationship tightened up his writing and improved his communication and storytelling.

He would join the business world and have a very successful 16-year run at MCI. “It’s where I grew up, really” he says. “I had mentors there, too, who (thankfully) shaped me and molded me into the person I was intended to be.”

He quickly rose through the ranks at MCI but, the idea of writing a novel was never far from his thoughts. And, while continuing to build a stellar resume in the business world, he spent almost a decade outlining and writing his first novel, THE DARK SIDE OF THE CROSS, published in 2007 by Tate Publishing. Tate will publish his much-anticipated second novel, RELIC OF DARKNESS, in February 2013.
James lives in Austin Texas with wife Margaret, and daughter Mara.

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