James Stack

Novelist, poet, memoirist and playwright.

James Stack’s memoir, WORLD'S FAIR, was serialized on The Huffington Post in 2012, and his blog, Postcards From Lebanon, about his experience with chemotherapy, appeared on The Huffington Post during 2013/2014. Published in 2013, his memoir and a collection of poetry, PLEASURES & SEASONS OF VERMONT, are available on His poems have appeared or will soon in ENGLYN: Journal of Four Line Poetry, the Maine Review (Grand Prize winner), America Is Not the World (Pankhearst Anthology), Ash & Bones and as part of the 22nd Annual Artists Embassy International’s Dancing Poetry Festival, among others. His short stories have appeared in the Maine Review, Five2One Magazine and Ruminate Magazine and been semifinalists in the New Millennium Writings and in Cutthroat contests.